How we are doing!!!

So it has been almost 6 months since I last posted and it has been an adventure. More with the family than with the rabbits. 

I went on a week long trip to Bermuda with my mother leaving my children and my bunnies to battle for survival with the in laws and my husband. Everyone was alive when I got home so it was a success. 

The virus that I had mentioned in my last post didn’t progress much further than Richmond. New deaths seemed to have stopped so in four months if nothing new crops up in deaths we will be in the clear and able to attend shows again. 

We have had some adorable litters in May, June and July. Just in time to as the weather is getting hotter in the southwestern area of British Columbia. I am not a fan of having my Does struggle pregnant through the heat. I never did it for my kids so I won’t make my Does go through that either. Breeding will commence again towards the end of September when it cools a bit. We should have 1 or 2 litters more this week or next. 

We had one unexpected death and were concerned if the virus had hit. After a necropsy and the help of my 9 year old son to take pictures for educational purposes we learned that the bunny developed a lung infection from dusty hay. Before the new batches of hay from this season came to market we were stuck with what was left from last seasons haul. I was pretty disappointed as we ended having mostly dust in the last four bales of hay before the new stuff came in. Our accident is someone’s future lesson to make sure you get good quality haynwith minimal dust. That dusty hay or shavings can be breathed into their longs and cause infections and abscess  luckily it wasn’t a breeder but it was still food that didn’t make it to our table and a loss as she could have been a future breeding die for our next generation of our pedigree development. I am still considering making a post with pictures of my findings but I don’t want to gross out they few people that do come to check out my site.   

Well I am going to finish here and I will make more of an effort to post more of what is going on in our little side of the world.

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