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New Zealand Whites

Robinson Rabbitry is a young breeding establishment. I started raising rabbits for pets and meat in 2016 with my husband. We started with some Californian X bucks and Pure Bred New Zealand Does. Since then we have gained a raised several Pure Bred New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs, and Mini Rexes.

Our Breeders are a part of the family. All are lovingly handled at a young age and have grown up around small children and cats. They have very a relaxed and trusting demeanour.

In the near future we are hoping to expand into pedigreed show quality pure bred New Zealand Whites to show with our fully pedigreed Netherlands and Mini Rex. We are learning more and more with every litter and new family addition. Our children are looking forward to when they can take them to shows to try and win awards.

Californian X
Netherland Dwarf
Mini Rex
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