Helpful Links

BC Rabbit Breeders - website list of other rabbitries and breeders in British Columbia

Backyard Meat Rabbits - a facebook group of people who race Meat Rabbits.

BC Rabbit Breeders - facebook group of people in BC that breed rabbits.

Food for Thought - a YouTube channel - The wilderness twins' have put together  some videos that are a great resource for all things wilderness as well as raising meat rabbits, rabbit care, and general rabbit information.

Genetic Colour Calculator - a website tool to help you get an idea of what colours you could potentially get when breeding specific coloured bunnies.

Annual Feed Costs - a website set up to help you calculate the cost of food for the year based on the number of breeders and kits you will potentially produce. It also has a nice feature of how many rabbits you would need to sell and how much to sell them for to break even for the year.

Want software to help you manage your rabbits, then give Hutch a try. Works on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It is what I use. Try it out for 31 days with their free trial --->