Nesting Boxes - What I Like

So I have been asked by a few people what I use for nesting boxes. I like a wooden box cause my rabbits need something to chew and it might as well be the nesting box as adding a stick to an already crowded space can get cramped. I make mine (or maybe I should correctly say - i make my husband make mine) with a mesh bottom. Allows for easier clean up, draining, and keeping of kits dry. Also they will dig down deep if they want to cool off or rustle the nest around to keep warm. Nothing super special. I think i found the dimension online. I will probably need to make some smaller ones as these are sized for my New Zealand Does and I now have a Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarves who are much smaller.

I am attaching some angled views of one of my nesting boxes and some pictures of them in use.

When using I stick the nesting box in two days before my does are due and just shove it full of hay. It is usually the only hay in their cage at this point. If they have made a nest I will take it and put it in the nesting box. I find since I have been doing it this way they are nesting in the box each and every time and the 2 days give them a chance to inspect, burrow their hole but not long enough for them to use it as a litter box.

When done i empty it out, use a scrub brush to brush off the mesh and then spray it down with a Vinegar spray mixture to unsent it for the next rabbit.

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