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Cutie Pie and Early Retirement

Cutie Pie had her second litter at the beginning of March. They are just coming up to being 6 weeks old now. Her litters are small at 6-7. This round was 6 with 100% survival. I did noticed that she tipped another kits ears. Don't know if she struggled with him being stuck or if she was over energetic in cleaning him off but two litters and two ears tipped. 

This time around I have noticed that she is really skinny. She feels very boney. She is eating anything and everything we give her but I feel she is just burning it off to fast nursing her kits. She did have some digestive issues with the 18% rabbit feed so we went down to 16% which isnt causing any BM issues now, but I still don't like how she isn't bouncing back to a healthy texture. 

Her kits are being weaned now and she can dry out. I will see how well she bounces back but I think it will be her time for retirement. I won't be selling her to anyone who hope to bred. She would be strictly pet. Unless she bounces back she wouldn't make good freezer food for anyone either. I hope to make a sweet rabbit habitat at the end of the property that would make a fantastic retirement home for her. 

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