Updated the Main Page

Just thought I would put it out there that I have been doing some updates on the site. Added new pictures of most of my new rabbits. Updated Nesting boxes and updated info on the main page for the new things going on with the RR (Robinson's Rabbitry).

Still digging our selves into the debt hole but we are having fun while doing it. That is the most important thing right?

Look forward to seeing blogs on my adventures of designing and building my own cages, producing fodder to cut down feed costs and my second round of processing (which will be in two weeks unless all the bunnies sell).

Feel free to comment, msg me via contacts or through the facebook rabbitry website and let me know what you want to hear about. I can usually produce some information to you in a fairly quick response and to everyone else in 48 hours.

Thanks for Visiting!.

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